Aji Glass 鏡餅(ホワイト) white


\ 瀬戸内ガラスの鏡餅 /







 縦 約70mm
 横 約70mm
 高さ 約60mm






Aji Glass Kagami-mochi

The ""Kagami-mochi"" is a traditional Japanese decorations that helps to welcome the New Year and gives you power for the next year. Originally made with stacked rice cakes, the soft atmosphere of this decoration is expressed in glass. These Kagami-mochi are made with appreciation to the Japanese Shinto gods and filled with our wishes for a prosperous new year. We will deliver it to you in a special decorative box. Choose from 


Approx. length 70mm × approx. width 75mm × approx. height 60mm

As each item is handmade, this is an approximate guide.

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 As each item is handmade, there may be individual differences.

As these are also sold in-store, the number of items available is limited.

We kindly ask for your understanding when purchasing.